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Wills, Estate Law & Powers of Attorney in Norfolk, Ontario

Norfolk Law Chambers in Simcoe, Ontario offers expertise in all aspects of estate planning and administration. We draft wills, powers of attorney and trust agreements to suit the needs of our clients. We provide legal advice to administrators and executors of estates regarding the interpretation of a will, the filing of probate documentation and the distribution of estate assets.

The Benefits of Drafting a Will

After a loved one has passed on, the last thing the family wants to deal with is a legal dispute. Drafting a will is essential to avoid difficulties for those you leave behind, and having your will drafted by a lawyer helps ensure the process goes smoothly. We work with you to create a will that meets your individual needs, and we’ll make sure it is properly signed and witnessed. The legal implications of wills can be complicated, but our lawyers are here to help make sure your wishes are reflected. Having a will can reduce stress, and proper will planning can even help alleviate fees and taxes. Give us a call today to make an appointment, and we can help you draft a will, or if you have an existing will, we would be happy to look over your documents and provide advice.


Powers of Attorney

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document through which you, the donor, give another person, the attorney, the authority to act on your behalf.

Power of attorney for property is used to give a person or persons the authority to act on your behalf in financial matters.

Power of attorney for personal care is used to give a person or persons the authority to act on your behalf for medical and personal matters.

Why should I have a Power of Attorney?

Any time that you are unable to act for yourself you can have an attorney to act for you.

  • If you are out of the country for an extended period you may want someone to manage your affairs.
  • With age you may become less able to manage your affairs and want someone you trust to manage them on your behalf.
  • If you should become incapacitated a power of attorney ensures that the person(s) you assigned will take responsibility of you and your financial affairs.
  • If there is no power of attorney for property and you are deemed incapacitated all your property and investments cannot be sold; any bank accounts which are not joint will be frozen. An application can be made to the court or to the Office of the Public Guardian & Trustee to have someone appointed as guardian of your assets.
  • If there is no power of attorney for personal care next of kin or the public guardian and trustee will make decisions concerning your care.

What are the responsibilities of a Power of Attorney?

A person who agrees to act as your power of attorney agrees:

  • To act in your best interests
  • To act for you in good faith and to avoid any situations of conflict of interest
  • To keep accurate records of all transactions taken on your behalf
  • To keep your money, property and records separate from their own

Who can be my Attorney?

You can choose any capable adult. He/she should be someone whom you trust completely. You should also consider whether he/she has the necessary skills and time to manage your affairs properly.

Wills & Estate Planning

What information should I bring to an appointment to draft my will?

Prior to drafting your will you should collect some important and relevant personal and financial information. In order to assist you with this task we have prepared this questionnaire for you to complete prior to meeting with us. Some of the questions may not apply to your situation and can be skipped.

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